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  • Cabin Mallorca
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  • Cabin Mallorca
  • Cabin Mallorca
  • Cabin Mallorca


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* Windows and doors:

The 70mm Mallorca is a variation on the popular Edelweiss Log Cabin

It has three rooms on the lower floor with a single full width room in the loft. Overall the Log Cabin measures 5.10 x 7.00m

The Malllora Log Cabin features a combination of thick 70mm interlocking wall logs and double glazing - together these provide a natural warmth and create a cosy, homely feeling.

Perfect as overnight, occasional guest accommodation, the interior of the Mallora is split into three distinct rooms using full height internal partitions. A loft room is accessible via the ladder and has a height of approx 1.90m in the loft room. Featuring one single door as it's main entrance and extensive glazing for bright interior

This building is manufactured using quality Spruce logs, these offer a tight wood grain and ultimately a durable garden building. All timber is specially selected for the interlocking construction and for the highest quality finish, Tuin log cabins do not feature mixing of timber varieties.

Supplied untreated, the Mallorca can be customised to match the style of each garden. Tuin offers a range of treatment options including paints, stains and impregnation fluid - all of which are available to purchase at the same time as your cabin!

Perfect for extra accommodation or an all year round garden office- The Dingle Log Cabin measures to 2.5m in height. Including wooden doors and windows.

(please see our accessories page for treatment products).

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