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  • Cabin Coventry
  • Cabin Coventry


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Roof shingles:

The 58 mm Coventry Log Cabin measures 4.4 m x 3.4 m

To the side is a shed area of 1.5 m and a veranda of 2 m, double glazed for all year round use.

A very versatile building with a handy storage area to the side, a large veranda and ample space within the building. Perfect as additional living space, this log cabin benefits from double doors and three double windows. A porch and veranda stretch along the front of the cabin - ideal for summer days spent enjoying your garden. The shed part can be placed either side of the cabin as required.

Supplied untreated, a log cabin will require treatment as soon as it has been installed - another way to ensure a long life. We offer a great range of treatment options including stains, paints and impregnation (please see our accessories page).

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