Cabin Hedvig
  • Cabin Hedvig
  • Cabin Hedvig
  • Cabin Hedvig


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The Hedvig Log Cabin measuring 5.80 m x 3.80 m which includes a 2 m veranda and canopy

Available in a 45 mm log thickness, featuring a substantial open plan interior and large veranda and canopy

Perfect for the larger garden, this design has got centrally positioned double doors flanked by sleek, tall fixed windows. These combined with an opening side window draw in plenty of natural light. The side window can be placed in either wall as required. The large front canopy and veranda is a superb addition that extends your leisure space outdoors. 

All our log cabins are supplied untreated and will require treatment as soon as they have been installed. We offer a great range of treatment options including paints, stains and impregnation fluid (see our accessories page for treatment products). Contact us if you are interested in having your building pressure treated. Cabins do not come with interior floor. Prices for floor packs can be found on the accessories page.

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