Conditions of Delivery

  • Cabins up to 58mm will delivered by 7.5t truck and will be offloaded by hand.
  • Large cabins of three pallets or more will be delivered by an 18t truck with a Hiab facility. Cabins or materials will be delivered by large trucks so if access is a problem then please contact us to discuss any problems regarding this.
  • It is the responsibility of the customer to make sure that the area is clear and the delivery can access the location. The driver is the sole arbiter of where the cabins can be dropped. The delivery will be dropped to the nearest point available.
  • The driver will not however unpack and move any component parts to another location.  He will not be responsible for damages of your property once you have given permission to enter your property with the vehicle.  All reasonable care and attention will of course be given.
  • Any failed or returned deliveries may result in additional charges being passed to The Customer.
  • Once the cabin is delivered then please check for damage, shortages or any other problems. If there is damage or shortages then we require photo evidence of any problems. It is imperative that if any part of your order is damaged then a photo should be taken of the product in situ of packaging e.g. for log cabins the damaged part must remain on the pallet. We cannot replace parts that have been assembled.
  • Depending on the problem we will resolve this as soon as possible. If the damage or shortage is so severe that the cabin cannot be constructed then it will need to be packed up on the original pallet and left in a position that our truck can get access to lift the cabin. If you have to transport the cabin from the drop off point then please check the supplied parts list before any construction (This is very important).