Impregnation fluid
  • Impregnation fluid
  • Impregnation fluid

Impregnation Fluid

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Impregnation fluid inhibits the formation of damp spores

protects the timber against fungus formation as well as other processes that might damage the wood.

It can also be used to treat and stop rot. Best applied as a base coat before applying any further treatment.

The use of impregnation fluid is especially recommended in damp areas, in cabins with fridges or freezers or if the cabin remains unused and without ventilation for longer periods of time. It is applied with a large brush to allow plenty of liquid to penetrate the wood.

The impregnation fluid has a coverage of 8 m2 per 1 litre. It is available in 0.75 l and 2.5 l containers in the following colours: clear, silver grey, green, brown.

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